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Gel Wax Candle Making Kit*

Gel Wax Candle Making Kit

Clear, medium density gel wax. Best known for being completely clear, used for all sorts of candles - under-water aquarium scenes, lemonade, cocktails etc. With just a little bit of colour added, these candles remain transparent and take on the nature of the glass and embeds you choose.

NB any embed MUST be flame resistant - glass, stones, gems, shells. Test fragrance, embed combinations prior to making large batches.

Completely clear, melt to 1400C, NEEDS DIRECT HEAT - DO NOT LEAVE THE UNATTENDED.

Please watch the tutorial we have prepared here.

Kit includes:

6 small glasses - yields approx. 80gm candles

6 wicks #14

500gm crystal clear gel wax

small piece of blue colour - use sparingly to colour your gel wax

30ml Ocean Breeze candle fragrance (use it all in the 500gm wax)

Sticky dots

instructions, also video available, see link above









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