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Stubby Glass with Cork lid - Soy Wax Candle Making Kit

Kit Fragrance

We're all excited here for this cute NEW “stubby” take on our classic and ever so popular Milk Bottles. This glass with cork lid is a new, more square aesthetic to enjoy in a kit. 

Select one of our best selling fragrances.

Benefit of this kit: Soy is a classic option for glass candles. The wax that is included is especially good for using with glass, as there is maximum glass adhesion.

Volume: 100gm candle

Height: 65mm including lid on

Width: inside diameter 45mm inside neck, 60mm widest outside.

This glass is also available as a Kit in: Beeswax Blend wax, 100% Organic beaded wax or Australian Block wax. 


- 500gm 100% Soy Wax
- 5 wicks
- Wick stickers
- 5 Stubby Glasses (100gm candle) & warning labels
- Warning labels
- Instructions included
- Fragrance of your choice (refer to options available)

Videos are available free and on-line here.

Instructions will arrive in your box, and are also available here.

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