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Stubby Glass with Cork lid - 100% Pure Beeswax Candle Making Kit


We're all excited here for this cute “stubby” take on our classic and ever so popular Milk Bottles. This glass with cork lid is a new, more square aesthetic to enjoy in a kit.

Benefit of this kit: a lovely kit for the beeswax "purist". You may find the wax contracts and rattles in the glass, but it doesn't matter to you. You're after a pure wax, smelling of honey in its natural form. 

*nb as beeswax is a natural product, colour and strength of natural honey scent will vary.

Volume: 100gm candle

Height: 65mm including lid on

Width: inside diameter 45mm inside neck, 60mm widest outside.


- 500gm Beeswax 100% Organic beaded
- 5  #12 wicks
- 5 Stubby Glasses (100gm candle)
- Warning labels
- Wick stickers
- Instructions included

Videos are available free and on-line here.

Instructions will arrive in your box, and are also available here.

 First time candle maker? Add an equipment kit!