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Australian Beeswax / Limited Edition Canola / 100% Pure - Block Form


Special Limited Edition batch!

These hardworking bees have been having the BEST time around Canola during this years yeild.

Canola and Bees have a wonderful symbiotic relationship. Canola provides a large source of nectar and pollen, while farmers of Canola understand the benefits of having our lovely little pollinators around.

As beeswax is a product of the pollen and nectar of flowers surrounding them, characteristics carry through, including the brightness of canola flowers, presented in this batch. 

Enjoy this special batch for a limited time. 

The second product image shows the contrastbetween our regular batches and this limited edition batch.

Use alone for perfectly natural candles or a great addition to many body products.

As this is natural product colour may vary between batches, from buff to yellow. It will always smell like nature!

Beeswax is naturally spectacular for candle making. It is a natural renewable product, with a high melt temperature. What a bonus that it smells so good too.... It accepts essential oils when melted, but I find these are generally overpowered by the natural honey scent. The beeswax is collected from the 'cappings' when it is time to spin the honey from the honey comb. In time, after many re-uses, the emptied honey comb is also melted down and sold as candle wax. The honey comb is re-built by the bees on a pre-formed beeswax 'foundation' sheet stamped with the well known honey comb pattern. Harvest: Sydney region, colour varies from yellow to buff; in block form; melts 62-64 degrees C.

Manufacturer's recommendation for using Pure Beeswax:

Heat wax between 85 - 90 degrees 

Pour wax between 85 - 90 degrees