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February 02, 2018

2 part mould x mas tree mpg from The only candle lady on Vimeo.

  •  Cut mould along score line, also taking off the edges of cast, leaving about 1cm around the shape.


The mould will fit together using the locator spots.

  • Locate the wick from along one side using the wick indent at the top to locate it
  • Tape wick to the mould top and bottom
  • Put a tiny piece of blue tac in the dent of the wick indicator.
  • On the other half cut a semi-circular hole in the base so you can pour in the wax 
  • Put the two halves together
  • Place strong clamps (paper foldback clips) around the edges
  • Stand the mould in pebbles, or an old mug/bucket/tin and pour in the wax
  • NOTE! - The other side of the mould has a "D" shaped cut out for the wax to be poured in the base of the mould/candle. Don't cut both otherwise the wick won't have a support ie as in the picture above.


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