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February 02, 2018

Priming is adding wax to the wick.
Simply dip the wick into melted wax.


You may notice that some candles are easier than others to light. The difference may be that raw wick is presented on cheaper candles, they begin to ray and also look a bit untidy.

A more professional solution is to prime the wick - it looks much nicer but there is also the added benefit of having wax ready to go when you light the wick. 

Remember it is the wax that fuels the flame, the wood or cotton is simply the carrier.

We recommend all wicks to be primed.


  • our wick and tab assemblies are ready to go, coated in a high temperature wax.
  • wooden wicks need to be trimmed to length then dipped into your melted wax
  • pure cotton wick is best used in the mould neat, then primed after - I use a teaspoon of wax, over the pot, and dip the wick into that.


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