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November 29, 2019

 Kerax Soy CB wax

The wax you have been waiting for has arrived!

Lovers of NGI advanced will delight in our new and exclusive Kerax Soy CB Wax.

After a period of research and development with our wax manufacturing partner Kerax (UK), we have developed a sophisticated wax that meets and now exceeds the performance of previously manufactured market leading products, including NGI Advanced wax.

After our testing, Kerax Soy CB exhibits the following characteristics:

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Single-pour without the need for additives or heat gun refinishing
  • Kerax Soy CB wax has excellent cold and hot fragrance throw
  • Our tests show wax adhering to the glass without additives, every time. This includes being left in the fridge for hours - still no sign of contraction
  • It burns cleanly. After burning the wax resets back to a very tidy looking finish. No bubbling, curdling etc
  • Professional candle makers will delight in the flexibility & ease of manufacturing
  • Intensive quality control including batch numbers with every manufacturing cycle


Exclusively available for the first time in Australia with All Aust Candle Making, we encourage you to see for yourself. Try 1kg Kerax Pure Soy CB with your next order at a specially discounted price.

 Single-pour, perfect surface finish.

Kerax Surface Finish Candle Wax

After Hours in the fridge, still no contraction- just perfect adhesion!

Kerax soy candle perfect adhesion

Manufactured in bead form


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