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March 29, 2018

Working with Wood Wicks.
My wood wicks keep going out!

Wood wicks have been a long time favourite of ours, displaying a beautiful natural burn that ‘crackles’. Through testing, we have been able to display an exceptional level of reliability, yet nothing is perfect.
Did you know our wood wicks are a product of old fruit trees? If ever you’ve seen a wooden coffee table, or timber floorboards with lovely large dark spots, you have seen what is referred to as ‘Knot’ in the timber industry. Similar to these wooden products, our wood wicks are just as likely to contain natural discrepancies such as knots through the grain!
If you are experiencing a flame that dwindles, flickers or burns out – you may be experiencing the candle reaching a knot or discrepancy in the timber. These flaws aren’t always visible and can cause the wax to be less effectively drawn through the grain of the wooden wick. In a standard lighting situation, wood wicks can take a few goes to get started but once lit, should burn beautifully.
Even though All Australian Candle Making tests and sources only the best products available, controlling the natural elements of these wooden wicks is next to impossible. Never fear, we have some solutions.
  1. Always prime your wood wicks. This means dipping the wick into your melted wax, so it's coated and will easily light.
  2. We began selling our True Flame wicks years ago. These wicks are round and only provided a small burn area. To compensate for this, we introduced a solution that included a cotton wick and tab assembly in the centre of the hollow True Flame. This provided great stability, increased the melt pool and flame size dramatically.
Here’s our innovative solution to using ACE or DUO Wood Wicks

1.Applied to pre-made candles
If you have a troublesome wood wick candle, simply push a skewer deep into the wax right next to the existing wood wick; remove the tab from a standard coated cotton wick & tab assembly and insert into the hole you have created in the wax. The two wick styles will burn together very happily. If the candle happens to hit a knot, the cotton wick will now support the burn resulting in greater consistency (see diagram 1).

2. Making a combo wood wick candle from scratch
If you want to make a wood wick candle from scratch with 100% reliability, add a coated cotton wick! Setting this up is easy, simply remove the tab from the cotton wick & tab assembly and place it along-side the wood wick butted up in the same tab unit (see diagram 2). Now sit back and enjoy this beautiful burn!
wood wick combined with a support cotton wick



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